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San.Gab vs NHSTGO

St. Patrick School (NBA. A)

In the summer of 2014, the we started revising our mission and vision statements. As a result, three new values were introduced: leadership, innovation and respect. These six values are the pillars for the students’ academic and personal growth and the keystones that provide the energy that drives our students far and beyond. Our values will steer the lives of each member of the St. Patrick School’s educational community.
The six main principles of the institution are protected by a green shield which symbolizes the spiritual part of our philosophy. Our school emblem, formed by three elements, resembles the shamrock which St. Patrick used to portray the Holy Trinity; three different entities that come together as one.

Oasis Christian School (NBA.A)

Oasis Christian School fue fundado el 13 de Septiembre de 1999 como el ministerio escolar de la Iglesia Cristiana Oasis Santiago, Inc.

Surgió por la sentida necesidad de proveer un lugar donde los padres cristianos pudieran enviar a sus hijos y recibir una formación en los principios y valores cristianos que se practican en la casa.

Por esta razón, el colegio está dirigido a servir principalmente a la comunidad evangélica de la ciudad de Santiago y sus alrededores, no precisamente a la comunidad geográfica en que se encuentre el colegio.

New Horizons Stgo.

New Horizons.Stgo (NBA.A)

Colegio Bilingüe New Horizons offers a bilingual education, with a dual program from Early Childhood until High School; facilitating the transfer of skills between reading and writing in Spanish and English.

Our multicultural nature allows our boys and girls to communicate and interact within the framework of respect and tolerance of both their native language and their own and foreign culture, preparing them to successfully insert themselves in the future in intercultural academic and professional environments.

We have highly qualified staff in their respective areas that enhance the academic, sports, and socio-emotional development of our students.

Colegio Bilingüe New Horizons is a multicultural school, with more than 35 nationalities represented among its students and teachers, so the richness of daily interactions allows our students to be citizens of the world.